Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gem Terms To Know:

Alluvian Stone:
A stone deposited in seas, lakes, or stream beds by water. Many alluvian deposits are rich with gemstones.

American Cut:
Also called epic but “ ideal cut”. The mathematically calculated cutting proportions designed by Marcel Tolowsky in order to produce maximum brilliancy and round brilliant cut diamond.

French word meaning :rod”. A type of step cut creating small, rectangular or trapeze-shaped gems, usually diamonds.

The portion of a faceted stone below the girdle. Also known as the Pacific pavilion.

Bead Setting:
A type of setting where the prongs are pulled up from the base of the mounting, then rounded off with a beading tool.

Bearded Girdle:
A girdle of a stone that has many fine hairline fractures extending from it in to the body of the stone.

Black Diamond:
The reference to a diamond that is dark gray pick pockets dark green or truly black. Also a very tough type other industrial diamond.

Blue Diamond:
A fancy diamond having a definite blue body color.

Another name for kimberlite, or the ore that contains diamonds in a pipe mine.

Bow Tie:
The dark reflection that may be visible through the center of any elongated, fancy cut diamonds such as the marquise, pear shape, or oval. Most commonly seen in the marquise.

The measure of internal and external reflections of white light to the eye from a gemstone.

Canary Diamond:
Considered as a fancy diamond with a definite yellow color.

A measure of weight for gemstones. 100 points = 1 carat, 50 points = 1/2 carat, etc...

Carbon Spot:
A tiny carbon particle that di not crystalize as the diamond formed.

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